Holiday and End of Year Appeal

Make a Donation to Compas on Behalf of a Loved One

Dear Friends,

This holiday season, please consider supporting Compas de Nicaragua.  Honor your loved ones by donating on their behalf and we will send them a special card and for donations of $100 or more, we will send a pound of Howling Monkey Coffee.  Your support provides education opportunities and sustainable income to women and farmers, and helps promote food sovereignty, community health, and protection of the environment.    

Compas continues to provide microloans, education sponsorships and income generating programs.  Education sponsorships support children and youth by covering their education expenses. Microloans for Women in Action members allow them to start, sustain and grow small businesses.  Loans to small farmers allow them to grow healthy food and diversify their farms.

At the Peaceful Nature Wildlife Reserve, we provide workshops to children, students and farmers about ecosystem protection, biodiversity and agroecology, a farming method which works with nature instead of against it.  At the Women in Action Center, women are making crafts, natural soaps and candles, organic soy milk and natural grain cereals which are sold at weekend craft fairs. 

Here is how you can help



[On our donation page, under ‘message of support’, please indicate the preference of your donation, i.e. ‘Holiday Basket’, ‘Sponsor a Child’, etc.  If you are donating in honor of a friend or loved one, please include their name and address.  You can donate by mail by sending check to Compas de Nicaragua, 5 Rogers Street, Plymouth, NH 03264. Please include donation preference in check memo]

Holiday Dinner or Food Basket: $20 for a holiday dinner or $50 for family food basket 

Sponsorship a Child:   $20 per month, or $240 per year, covers a child's education for a year.

Reforestation and Food Security:  $25 for 200 shade trees and $50 for 100 coffee/cocoa trees.  

Micro lending: $50 or more to sponsor a WIA member small business or a La Paz farmer 

Purchase Howling Monkey Coffee. $15 a pound plus shipping or $160 plus shipping for a year supply (1 pound each month).


Supplies for making natural soaps and candles: $2,400 a year

Soy food and cereal preparation: $2,400 for a year

Dance and exercise classes: $1,200 a year

Monthly agroecology and wildlife workshops: $2,400 for the year  

Bird and wildlife watching stations: $2,500 for two platform stations. 

Outdoor classroom for Wildlife Reserve: $5,000 

Construction of greenhouse for plant nursery: $3,000

Part-time worker for “Peaceful Nature”:  $3,000 or $250 a month to provide part time work for our Women in Action and La Paz farmers programs.  

Thank you in advance for your generous donation!

How would you like to support?


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