Lily's Princess Castle Dream Bedroom

Help make Lily's Dream come true!





Lily is 3 years old and battling leukemia.  She dreams of a place to get dressed up like a princess, with a a place to do hair and make up!  Her parents dream of a magic place for her to be a kid again. To go to escape from all the doctors and medicine so she can remember all the fun things in life.  Volunteer opportunities coming soon!

Will you help make Lily's dream of her Princess Castle Dream Bedroom come true?



Recent Activity

  • Connie Sigimoto - Donation - $100.00 - May 08, 2016.

  • Carol Kerton - Donation & Mailing list - May 04, 2016.

    No child should ever have to go through what Lily has endured. God Bless You. The Kerton Family

  • Mercedes Salas - Donation & Mailing list - $50.00 - May 04, 2016.

  • Andy & Jennifer Dunnigan - Donation - $100.00 - May 04, 2016.

  • kathleen datden - Donation & Mailing list - $25.00 - May 04, 2016 - for "Jessica's Jewelscent fundraiser for Lily's Dream Bedroom!" by Jessica Canela.

    Have fun with your New dressing room!

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