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iVa Talent Tour is a community led talent competition for High Schools in the Bay Area. Local leaders unite to produce quality talent showcases that inspire students to use their gifts and talents to positively impact their city. The top talents advance to the finals to compete for

$1000 cash! 

Assist us in turning dreams into a reality for these young visionaries.

February 1st - 29th
Talent Auditions

Text TALENT to 510-369-0488 to register.
Upload videos of your talent on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter using our hashtags to be voted for by fans, friends, and family. Or Visit our physical location to audition in person. 
The top talents are selected to compete in the iVA Talent Tour for a chance to win $1000 cash.

March 1st - 31st
Level Up

Students are assigned to Industry professionals in their community who become a Talent Coach that sponsors and supports each student in the competition.
Gain points by applying the advice given, sticking to the topic/vision and being consistent with creating content. 
The lowest ranking students will be dropped from the competition each week and the top talent will advance to the next round.
10 students will remain and compete in the grand finale April 26th.

High School Talent Tour

Select High Schools in underrepresented parts of the community will have an exclusive talent showcase
1 student from each campus will be placed in the running for a "wildcard" slot in the grand finale.
The people will vote online based on who they feel should be selected to advance into the finals. 

The Grand Finale
April 26th 2020
2323 Broadway Oakland, Ca
One student will walk away with $1000
and the title of
Bay Area iVa Talent Tour Champion of the year!

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