Creating a Garden at the Grand Staircase

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Monthly on the 1st Saturday  

Spread Love, not litter

King's Bend Scenic Overlook

Come make the Grand Staircase even grander by creating a native garden at King's Bend Scenic Overlook.

Depending on the season join Jennah Gilley, Mike Saunders and other volunteers to plant, weed, add compost, mulch, pull invasive plants (like Privet and Kudzu) or terrace the slope to prevent erosion with logs and soil.

  • Bring drinking water, a hat, gloves and your smile!
  • To mulch: two five gallon buckets 1 shovel, 1 rake, and pruners.
  • For Privet pulling: a weed wrench if you have one.
  • For Kudzu/privet: pruners

You can join for an hour or 2, or 3.

This activity allows us to observe physical distance, and enjoy the outdoors.

Blooms at the Grand Staircase

The river beauty expands! Our splendid Grand Staircase, built by Blount County Commissioners, is inspiring more beauty as Friends of the Locust Fork River and volunteers continue to grace the site with native plants. Native plants are survivors! They are especially suited to hold our soil, feed birds and butterflies, host butterfly eggs for more generations of “flutterbyes” and bloom their heads off even in difficult situations. As these resilient species of plants take greater and greater hold, they will reduce erosion and the sedimentation so damaging to river life. They will provide their bold colors through the seasons - even burning August - with black-eyed Susan yellows and chocolate browns, and Purple cone-flower with red-purples and electric gold. Spring, of course, will offer a true explosion of blooms. These beauties will increase in size and number as volunteers continue to plant, tend, and propagate new generations.   We're very excited to have this new public access point on the river and proud to have a role in its stewardship.

FLFR is inclusive of all members of the community in our activities and events. 
FLFR welcomes your participation. Questions? [email protected].


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