Debbie Choi Tsang (1977-2014) Debbie Choi Tsang passed away in November 2014 following a long battle with breast cancer. She was married to David Tsang and has two adorable two-year-old daughters, Jackie and Alex. She had a very successful career in the automotive industry having completed an assignment in Korea and earning leadership positions in quality and program management.

Caring, compassionate and loving are three words that come to mind when we think of Debbie. She was always thinking of how to help others in need and how to bring joy into other people’s lives. While an undergraduate at Brown University, she headed the Providence Science Outreach, a volunteer program that taught science to inner city children on a weekly basis. She had this natural ability to make complete strangers feel instantly comfortable. When she met someone in need she would go out of her way to help, often putting their needs above her own.

Through this fund established in her memory, we hope to continue this spirit of volunteerism and using one’s own abilities and talents to bring happiness into other people’s lives. Aaron's Presents is a youth development program designed specifically to empower children in 8th grade or below to dream up and lead a positive project that benefits others. In the process, children learn that they have something unique and valuable to give to the world at every age and every stage of life, and that giving of themselves for the benefit of others brings happiness, healing and purpose. Debbie's legacy will live on through these children and the numerous people positively impacted by their creative and thoughtful acts.

100% of this fund will go solely to purchasing materials and services to support the children and their projects. Aaron's Presents organization will post links to each project funded by this fund so that you can learn more about the kids who are being touched and how their projects are making a positive difference in the world. The fund will have no time limit – anyone can contribute any amount at any time. An average project costs $250, so we have an opportunity to touch many people through this honorary fund.

With love,

Justin and Adrienne Kung

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