Live Remote Video with coach and horses

Transform personal obstacles into positive opportunities

Experience the magic in real time - now from the safety & convenience of your own space!

Save money and time - no travel

Maintain social distancing AND get a great experience

Your mustang mentors are waiting for you!                                                                     


  • Learn how to feel as safe on the inside as you want to be on the outside
  • Release what no longer supports your highest good
  • Reduce anxiety by living in the present moment
  • Gain clarity in your overlapping relationships at work, home, school, community

"I had an AMAZING remote coaching session with Tracy and her Steadfast Steeds! My Mustang Mentor approached the camera as Tracy was guiding me and I felt an immediate connection between the 3 of us! As my Human AND Horse Mentors helped me move through my feelings it became crystal clear what I needed to work on to help me Be & Feel HAPPY! Tracy relayed how and why the Mustang was reacting as we talked" Lynnette P., Trinidad, CO


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