Fall 2020 Supply & Technology Drive


Dear Friends of Project Readiness,

First and foremost, we hope that this email finds each of you safe and healthy.  At long last, we are thrilled and excited to provide details as to this summer's drive!  Although it will look a bit different, Project Readiness's goal remains the same -- to promote academic success for all students, regardless of income level, and regardless of where that learning takes place!  Please read on to see how you can help:

The COVID-19 crisis has had an immeasurable impact on organizations large and small, and Project Readiness was no exception.  As you know, we had big plans for this year (1,000+ backpacks!) and those plans now require some adjustment, as circumstances call for a new kind of drive.  

As we all know, we have only a hazy picture of what school will look like in September and beyond.  We can be relatively sure there will be a robust virtual learning component, however, and that access to technology from home will be more important than ever.  To that end, Project Readiness's spring drive for Chromebooks and other home schooling supplies was incredibly well received, and area non-profits have requested more of the same.

Also, Project Readiness is committed to keeping its donors and recipients safe.  This summer is not an optimal time for so many of Project Readiness's traditions -- long hours spent in Wal-Mart and Target; gathering to organize and load backpacks; and gathering to distribute and receive backpacks.  

After many discussions with local educators and non-profits as to their current needs, we have decided that Project Readiness's best course of action is to continue to distribute as many Chromebooks as possible to area non-profits (for them to distribute as they see fit), and to distribute bulk school supplies directly to non-profits and to school districts so that they can distribute them as they see fit to the children and families who need them.

You may be asking, "how can I help?"  You can help in four ways:

1) You can purchase an item off of Project Readiness's  Amazon Wish List Amazon Wish List  and have it sent directly to us, for contactless shopping.  The items on the list include everything from a bulk supply of pencils all the way up to a Chromebook.  

2) You can make a monetary donation here, and Project Readiness will use those funds to purchase and distribute similar items.

3) If you have any additional ideas, or would like to help us brainstorm other ways to help during this challenging time, please reach out by responding to this email!  At a time like this, there are no bad ideas.

4) If you are someone who is in the stores and would like to purchase things towards our wishlist, please get in touch with us directly and we will let you know what is still needed and coordinate pick up or drop off details. 

Thanks again, and please stay safe out there.
Jen and Annie   

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