Senior Services Coalition Annual Dues FY 23-24

Membership in the Senior Services Coalition of Alameda County

Working together, the Senior Services Coalition is advancing policy change to strengthen the network of services that help older Alameda County residents live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives. 

SSC’s members include providers of health and supportive services for seniors, as well as stakeholders who share a commitment to senior services. Members may include nonprofit organizations, for-profit companies, city government, public agencies, public advisory bodies, elected officials, consumer groups, and individuals. Membership is obtained by submitting a completed membership form along with an annual dues payment. Current members will be invoiced for their annual membership renewal.

Membership Categories and Benefits

Core Members = Organizations that serve older adults in Alameda County and are committed to working collectively to strengthen the network of services and supports. Core Members hold voting rights and inform and shape SSC’s strategic priority areas, policy agenda and work plan. In addition to receiving timely information on policy developments, emerging issues and funding opportunities, Core Members have access to SSC staff for assistance with individual organization issues, and will receive discounts on SSC conference registration, training and technical assistance.

Supporting Members = Policy Makers, organizations or individuals who support SSC’s mission. Supporting Members do not have voting rights, but are otherwise invited to participate fully in all Coalition activities. Affiliate Members = Organizations that wish to support SSC’s mission and activities and increase their visibility and contacts with SSC members and stakeholders. Affiliate Members do not have voting rights, but are invited to feature their products and services at select SSC events and in SSC printed and electronic communications.

Non-members can support us too!  If you want to skip membership, but still want to support our work to improve access to community-based supports and services, your donation is welcome and appreciated.  Just use the message box at the bottom of the details form to indicate "donation, not membership."  Your donation is tax deductible.

FY 2023-2024 Membership Dues 

Membership dues levels are based on membership category and size of the member organization’s budget:

Dues reduction or exemption may be requested.

Core Member

▪ $3,240 per year (organizations with budgets over $5 million)

▪ $1,800 per year (organizations with budgets over $1.2 million)

▪ $720 per year (organizations with budgets between $800,000 and $1.2 million)

▪ $435 per year (organizations with budgets between $500,000 and $800,000)

▪ $140 per year (organizations with annual budgets under $500,000)

▪ Commissions on Aging (dues exempt; must submit resolution affirming membership)

Supporting Member

▪ $50 to $500 per year (based on ability to pay)

Affiliate Member

▪ $500 per year for Communications Affiliate

▪ $1,000 per year for Event & Communications Affiliate

Guidelines for SSC Membership

Core Members

Selecting dues level - SSC’s sliding scale dues structure is linked to the size of a member organization’s budget (that is, annual expenditures). Revenue from dues is a cornerstone of SSC’s budget and is necessary for covering our core costs and keeping staff. However, participation in the coalition is essential to SSC’s success, and ability to pay dues must not be a barrier to membership. Therefore, the following options are available:

  • Requesting dues reduction - Many organizations have multiple divisions that do not serve seniors, or have budgets highly constrained by restricted funding streams. We ask that members use their best judgment when selecting their dues level, weighing their ability to pay with a recognition of SSC’s value to their organization and the aging services system. If you choose to select a dues level that is lower than your organization’s formal budget size, simply check the box on the Membership Renewal Form that corresponds to the dues amount that you are selecting, check the box for requesting dues reduction, and send in the form and dues payment.
  • Requesting dues exemption - Organizations who wish to request an exemption from dues in any given fiscal year may do so by filling out the membership renewal form and emailing it to [email protected]

Requesting consulting services - Supporting individual member organizations so they can thrive serves the network of supports that SSC strives to strengthen. Core Members are welcome to seek one-on-one consulting for their organization’s individualized issues – from connecting to electeds and other decision makers, to strategic guidance and identifying and assisting with contract and funding opportunities. For time-intensive projects beyond 5 hours of staff time per year – such as proposal review or meetings with funders – a member may be asked to pay a consulting fee of $50 per hour.

Supporting Members

Selecting dues level - A range is suggested for Supporting Member dues, and these members are asked to select payment level based on their ability to pay. Additional donations to SSC are always welcome.

Affiliate Members

The Affiliate Member category is available for businesses and organizations that support SSC’s mission and goals, and that seek opportunities to engage our coalition’s members and stakeholders.

Selecting Dues Level – Two levels are available for Affiliate Members, representing different levels of engagement: The Communications Affiliate level provides logo space and recognition on SSC’s web site and in our monthly e-newsletter that reaches over 1,000 stakeholders representing public, private and community stakeholders. The Event & Communications Affiliate level, in addition, provides virtual “booth” space at SSC’s annual conference and logo space and recognition in our monthly member meetings. 

Read more about SSC here.


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