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Mission ADS is a day treatment program designed to aid in personal empowerment and career training for young adults with cognitive disabilities. Our mission is to transition young adults with disabilities to independent living and community employment through a variety of programs. Vision To develop a variety of programs that will increase the participants’ emotional well-being, community integration, and financial independence. Our vision is to open a restaurant operated by young adults with disabilities. The experience will provide our participants with on-the-job training, life skills mentoring, and facilitating transitioning into other community settings. Core Values We believe that individuals with disabilities should have the option to live their lives like individuals without disabilities. Learning life skills will empower individuals with disabilities to be a bigger part of their community. Key Life Skills: Money Management Food Management Personal Hygiene & Appearance Transportation Housekeeping Job Hunting Skills Health & Safety Community Support Donations and grants will help sustain the high quality of our programs. Donations and grants received will be used for, but not limited to: kitchen supplies and equipment, chef coats/aprons, food handler licenses, ingredients for recipes, sports equipment, ipads and computers Participant fund-raising (Farmers market sales such as: spice rubs, vegetables from garden, and jewelry). Profits from these sales will be used for: field trips, sporting events, museum visits, and more! Programs: Culinary Technology Social Skills & Recreation Future Programs: Participant run bistro Small business enterprises; farmer's markets Job placement; partner with local businesses Special Olympics participant Parent education & support programs


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