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Hanifah’s Story: A Determined Student on the Path to Success

Hanifah is on a path to become a certified accountant through the best University in Uganda. She is a brilliant young woman who makes the world a better place. But a pathway for her to flourish may never have been given.


Hanifah and her 8 siblings grew up with a single mother. While her mother worked hard to care for all of her children, she eventually lost her job and became very sick. Without regular, steady care, Hanifah and her siblings began searching the streets for food. This is the point in too many stories where poverty spirals towards death.

But in 2008, Hanifah met Uncle Patrick and Uncle William, who had increased their outreach through Raising Up Hope for Uganda (RUHU). They offered food and safety from the street. Once Hanifah had the opportunity to study and go to school, it was clear that she was going to excel if given the chance. Academically, Hanifah was brilliant and received top marks at every level. While getting her education, she has been able to work in RUHU’s finance department, which ultimately helped her gain an interest in the field of accounting and proclaim it as her future profession. 

Through the love and care of RUHU, Hanifah has a new outlook on life. She recalls that she “had lost hope for education since her mother had no money to take her to school”. Hanifah is grateful for her sponsors who found her through Beautiful Response and recognizes that ultimately “It is by God’s grace that [she] has become what [she] is and has been able to get skills that will take her on through life”Because of her education and success at RUHU, Hanifah dreams of becoming a certified accountant, owning her own land, and giving back to her community by supporting other children in desperate situations. 

For RUHU, Beautiful Response, and for the donors whose funds support Hanifah, it is an absolute privilege to be a part of her story. Annika, also a university student and one of those who sponsors Hanifah, wrote this: 

"I remember enjoying writing back and forth with Hanifah when I was younger. She was like a pen pal, but sometimes the letters would be mixed up. I remember wishing that there was a faster way for us to talk when I asked her opinion on one of my favorite books. When I finally did meet her in person a couple years ago, she was much more bubbly, and talkative, and kind than I think could have been expressed in just letters. I am all the more happy to hear how well she is doing now. She is clearly a kind, bright, and successful woman, and I feel lucky that we were able to help support her in any small way." ~Annika, the daughter of Hanifah's sponsor family.

By investing in Hanifah through Beautiful Response, Hanifah's sponsors provided RUHU the means to care for her. Hanifah's story is a wonderful example of how educating a vulnerable and under-served child in Uganda can be life-changing.

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