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Saadat’s Story: A non-verbal individual's journey to express        

While disruptions in personal and professional lives, schedule changes, and school closings present unique challenges to any individual, it is especially difficult on the autism spectrum and their families. So after graduating from school, Saadat was almost lost and didn't know what to do. That is when he found his passion for music.

But with the rising cost of expenses, amidst a pandemic, it was going to be extremely hard for his parents to be able to afford the classes specialized for him. They worked through challenges and talked about the future as their child's dream was too much to be disregarded. So his parents decided to reach out to the community and luckily they thought the same.
 The over pouring amount of love and donation not only helped Saadat to pay for his classes but also found his passion for music. His passion for music opened all kinds of doors and gave him the opportunity to communicate better. His teacher encouraged him to open up and work in groups with other ASD individuals.

Today, Saadat is living his dream. The shy introvert now looks forward each week to his music classes and is genuinely excited for his future in it. His parents thank the community and say "The community helped my non-verbal son to find his passion and express himself as who he is. They helped him find his language- MUSIC is now his language!"  

We're grateful to the community who helped Saadat find his passion and would love more support -whether in the form of donation and participation. A lot of others like Saadat should get an opportunity to find their passion!
                                                                               আমরা চাই তোমরা আসো! 

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