Gender Equity Institute

A Teach About Women Program

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We give teachers tools and skills to promote gender equity in every class, at every age.

In this 6-session workshop (and forthcoming online course!), we provide teachers (grades 6-12) with resources and practices to bring gender equity work into their classrooms. We use themes and questions to take a transdisciplinary approach so that our workshops are useful for teachers of every subject and a range of grade levels. Inclusive teaching is good teaching. While we focus on gender equity, we present material and practices to explore identity in all its facets and promote equity work across intersectional identities including race, class, ability, sexuality, country of origin, ethnicity, and age. In response to numerous requests for an online version of the GEI, we are putting together an online course so that educators can participate safely.

Teachers walk away invigorated by new approaches and ready to use materials as soon as they are back in the classroom.