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Help End Brickyard Slavery

Yes, slavery still exists. Roughly 40 million people are held captive by various types of slavery, including a system called Bonded Labor. The overwhelming majority, approximately 20 million, are in the brick-making kilns in the Middle East and Asia.  

I’m beyond thankful to find friends like you that have been willing to hear their stories.

All People Free is an organization dedicated to ending slavery through programs that promote education, liberation, and investment in sustainable solutions for their friends in the brick kilns. Half of the people working as slaves are women and children, the marginalized and persecuted. All People Free doesn’t just want to get a few people out, they want to eradicate the entire system, and they are doing work to that end.

Let’s get together and do something good in this world! Self-sustaining solutions are within reach, and we can do more together. Will you join me? Please donate, share, or start your campaign to help end slavery today.

Learn more about the specific ways All People Free is working to end slavery here.

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