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The initial volume of this particular book was produced with the collaboration with the indigenous Huaorani of the region. The book contains detailed information that was shared by the Huaorani regarding individual trees of importance to their survival, ancestors, and uses. Yasuní is home to millions of species of plants, birds, insects and mammals interwoven into a complex ecosystem that is dependent upon its parts. As pressure mounts within Yasuní National Park, fragmenting the habitat, the race is on to document these species.

Finding Species was founded on the photographic body of work documenting the countless species in Yasuní Biosphere Reserve.  Located in the Ecuadorian Amazon, Yasuní commonly referred to as the most biodiverse place on the planet. (Global Conservation Significance of Ecuador’s Yasuní National Park published in PlosOne. More trees grow in a single hectare (2.47 acres) of upland rainforest in Yasuní—655 species—than in the continental US and Canada combined. In 25 hectares, the number of tree species rises to 1,100.  "In just one hectare in Yasuní, there are more tree, shrub, and liana (woody vines) species than anywhere else in the world," said Gorky Villa.

Finding Species needs your help to produce additional volumes of these interactive eBooks for an area lacking sufficient, photo-documented, user-friendly guides.  These field guides serve to provide a detailed identification guide for trees in the upper basin of the Amazon. Further volumes of the book would help scientists, students, researchers, and visitors to the park and surrounding areas identify and understand the complexities of this region. We hope you will join us in our passion to Give a Face to Biodiversity.

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