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FLIP! Story Time Videos Starting at $25.00

Studies have shown children who are exposed to more words while they are young, find a stronger connection to learning as they continue to grow.  This exposure happens through adults engaging with them and reading to them on a regular basis. Help support the creation of story time videos.  Stories read to children by a diverse group of adults from all walks of life.  

In Sedgwick County:

19% of adults are considered to be functionally illiterate. 

>1,000 kids are in foster care and lack a consistency in their lives.

Est. 70% of welfare recipients have low literacy levels, a clear connection between literacy and income.

In 2017, USD 259 students who received free or reduced lunches:

3rd Grade - 74% scored in the lowest two levels (42% lowest)

4th Grade - 74% scored in the lowest two levels (29% lowest)

5th Grade - 78% scored in the lowest two levels (45% lowest)

6th Grade - 83% scored in the lowest two levels (59% lowest)

7th Grade - 84% scored in the lowest two levels (55% lowest)

8th Grade - 88% scored in the lowest two levels (48% lowest)

High School - 86% scored in the lowest two levels (52% lowest)

These numbers help to demonstrate, that if our most at risk children get behind in reading at a young age, they typically do not catch up.  Please consider supporting our literacy initiatives.

New Math for Old School Parents Videos Starting at $80.00

Does 'New' or 'Common Core' math look like Egyptian when helping your student with homework?  It does to most of us, but no worries, we are here to help!  KANSEL is currently working with the local school district to create a video series and website dedicated to helping you and your student with math homework.  Please support these efforts by choosing an options below.

Summer Math Camp Starting at $80.00

Math scores drop considerably during the middle school years.  Gaps in their basic math foundation create distance from learning and a lack of engagement.  These math camps are themed to engage and bring out middle school aged students, and meet them on their individual levels.  

In addition, the camp environment provides opportunity for character development and soft skill development, including teamwork, problem solving, deductive reasoning, and conflict resolution.

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