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Dental Sealant for Children Starting at $15.00

Oregon has one of the country’s highest rates of childhood dental disease, which is the most common chronic disease affecting U.S. children. Dental sealants are thin, plastic, protective coatings a dentist places on the chewing surfaces of a child’s molars (back teeth). They fill the deep grooves that are hard for children to properly clean by brushing. These grooves are where harmful bacteria likes to hide and cavities are most common. The protective layer added by dental sealants helps prevent up to 80% of cavities. Each $15 gift pays for treating a child in need.

Dental Extraction Starting at $77.00

Generally, a tooth extraction is necessary when a person has bone loss due to gum disease, fractured, broken, cracked, chipped or worn teeth or a tooth infection due to a cavity. Your $77 sponsorship pays for one dental extraction for a person in need. 

Dental Cleaning Starting at $36.00

Poor oral health presents significant challenges for many unhoused community members. According to Trillium Community Health Plan, many of their patients don’t ever see a dentist. The last two Lane County Community Health Improvement Plans identified access to affordable dental care as a major priority. Your $36 donation provides teeth cleaning for a person in need of this care.

Full Set of Dentures Starting at $680.00

Poor oral health and missing teeth can prove to be a barrier to regular employment.  As our homeless clients may already face many hurdles to overcome, the Denture Sponsorship seeks to help address this particular issue. Your $680 helps to supply full dentures for patients in need.

Community Sponsorships Starting at $10,000.00

Community Sponsorships give power to local businesses and advocacy groups to help us provide urgent and preventative care to low-income community members who might otherwise face significant barriers and discrimination when attempting to access dental health services in the community. Community Sponsorships also help to pay for sealants, fluoride varnish treatments, hygiene exams, and free dental services at a number of schools.

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