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Red Shouldered Hawk "Micro"

Red-shouldered Hawk Buteo lineatus

ORDER: Accipitriformes

FAMILY: Accipitridae

Micro is a Red-shouldered Hawk. She arrived at Cape Fear Raptor Center in October 2015 as a baby with two siblings. The three birds were raised together until ready for release. Unfortunately, Micro never learned how to hunt properly and was found in a farmer’s field shortly after her release. She is slowly becoming a good education bird. 

Red-shouldered Hawks are medium-sized, with broad, rounded wings and medium-length tails that they fan out when soaring. In flight, they often glide or soar with their wingtips pushed slightly forward, imparting a distinctive, “reaching” posture. Adults are colorful hawks with dark-and-white checkered wings and warm reddish barring on the breast. The tail is black with narrow white bands. Immatures are brown above and white below streaked with brown. All ages show narrow, pale crescents near the wingtips in flight. If you see a Red-shouldered Hawk, it is typically a sign of tall woods and water nearby. They can be spotted in deciduous woodlands, often near rivers and swamps.

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