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Barred Owl "Adelaide"

Barred Owl Strix varia (BDOW)

ORDER: Strigiformes

FAMILY: Strigidae

Adelaide came to us from? When? with an improperly healed, wing fracture from being hit by car. This injury causes her to not fly perfectly and also creates a noise in flight. Owls are silent during flight, which is critical in making them effective hunter. This injury causes her to be non- releasable.

Barred Owls are a medium sized owl and live in mature forest. They eat small mammals and some birds but are usually found near bodies of water and will eat fish, crawfish, snakes and frogs. They are easily disguised with their camouflage but can be identified at night with their unique hoot of “Who cooks for, who cooks for y’all.” They tend to stay in a small area their entire life but if their top predator, the Great Horned Owl, moves in they will leave the area.

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