• Company name on: Plunge t-shirts, signage, and program
  • Emcee recognition at event
  • Listing on Museum website
  • Banner* displayed (At Jump Site)
  • For the Kids! 15% of sponsorship goes to scholarships. Company recognition on our Pal Camp web page.
  • Event passes (10)
  • Plunge T-shirts (10)
  • Logo on Posters (Primary)
  • Logo on Media promotions (Primary)
  • Logo on T-Shirts (Primary)
  • Logo on Signage (Primary)
  • Logo on Program (Primary)
  • Tabling opportunity at the event for your brand ambassador for your product/service
  • Banner displayed at jump site as primary sponsor
  • Promoted as primary plunge sponsor
  • Plunge Team jumps free!

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