Dharma in Depth 6


Dharma in Depth 6 for Experienced Students: Practicing with the Four Noble Truths

Michael Grady: Fourth Noble Truth - Third Basket - Wise Mindfulness and Wise Concentration

Sunday, June 27; 10:00-11:30am

Suggested donation: $8-20 registration per session + teacher donation (we encourage you to consider giving teacher dana equal to or greater than what you gave for registration)* 

In this class for experienced practitioners, we will progressively explore practice through the lens of understanding the Buddha's essential teaching of the Four Noble Truths.  Students can attend one class or more -- there is no need to attend the whole series.

This class is open for those who have established a regular practice, and are comfortable with the basics, but would like to ask questions and learn more. We will do a combination of sharing about our practices, exploring various meditation techniques and delving into some of the teachings which can be used to deepen practice. You are welcome to register if you:

  • have been practicing daily
  • and/or have been practicing for a few years
  • and/or have been on retreat.

This class will be offered on one Sunday per month (either the third or fourth) and will be taught by Tara Mulay and Michael Grady.  Registration for each month is requested.


January 17 - Overview and First Noble Truth - Tara Mulay

February 21 - Second & Third Noble Truth - Michael Grady

March 28 - Fourth Noble Truth - 1st Basket - Wise View & Wise Intention -Tara Mulay

April 18 - Fourth Noble Truth - 2nd Basket - Wise Action, Wise Speech, Wise Livelihood - Michael Grady

May 16 – Fourth Noble Truth – 3rd Basket – Wise Effort - Manny Mansbach

June 27 - Fourth Noble Truth - 3rd Basket - Wise Mindfulness & Wise Concentration - Michael Grady


Dial in by phone for audio only: Call (646) 558-8656. Meeting ID: 943 156 1684. Password: 242.

*In keeping with the Buddhist tradition of dana (generosity), the suggested registration amounts for our classes and retreats do not include any payment for the teacher. The teachers are paid entirely out of the students' generosity. Please consider giving a donation to the teacher in order to support their ability to continue to share the dharma. We encourage you to consider teacher dana equal to or greater than the amount you gave for registration. You may give a donation at the time of registration and give later donations through our teacher dana link. Everyone is welcome to all of our events regardless of ability to donate.

You can give online or send checks to InsightPV, 116 Pleasant Street, Suite 242, Easthampton, MA 01027.

Sunday 06/27/2021

10:00 AM EST


11:30 AM EST