Introduction Course - April 2022

Course, in-person at IWM

Introduction to Insight Meditation

with Manny Mansbach

4 Mondays: April 25, May 2, May 9, and May 16; 7:00-8:30pm ET

We are excited to offer this course in-person at IWM! Due to the ongoing pandemic, the following protocols will be in place for this course:

  • Participants must be masked with N95 or K95 masks only. We will have some KN95 masks available if needed by participants.
  • We ask that participants maintain 5 feet of distance between each other.
  • Proof of vaccination required.
  • If you have been traveling or caring for unvaccinated children or people, we ask that you take an antigen test before attending each week.
  • A HEPA air purifier will be provided to filter the air at the center.
  • This course is limited to 13 total participants, as a way for attendees to maintain social distance.

A welcoming course for those who are new to meditation or would like a refresher on the nuts and bolts of how to establish a daily meditation practice, and tips on how to work with obstacles to meditation. Participants will also receive an introduction to some of the core teachings of the Buddha. Course sessions include meditation instructions, talks, discussions, and weekly assignments offered within the context of a supportive learning community. Students are invited to suspend ideals and beliefs about what meditation ought to look like, in order to discover the simple and powerful benefits of meditation practice.

Suggested donation: $32-80 registration + teacher donation (we encourage you to consider giving teacher dana equal to or greater than what you gave for registration)*

Manny Mansbach has been practicing and studying Insight Meditation since 1980. He is a graduate both of Spirit Rock Meditation Center’s Dedicated Practitioner Program and its Community Dharma Leader Program, and is the former Director of the Center for Somatic Psychotherapy in San Francisco. In recent years, Manny has spent many months in silent meditation retreats, and has practiced and been on pilgrimage in India, Tibet, Nepal, Burma and Thailand. In addition to studying with revered western Insight Meditation teachers, he has also been influenced by Dzogchen and the teachings of Adyashanti. Manny is committed to helping people remember and express their basic goodness, and to gain confidence in the beauty and power of the Buddha’s teachings of profound understanding and boundless kindness. One of his greatest interests is applying the Buddha’s Middle Way to the area of communication, integrating the core skill of nonviolent assertion and learning to speak from wisdom and with kindness. For Manny's website visit 

*In keeping with the Buddhist tradition of dana (generosity), the suggested registration amounts for our classes and retreats do not include any payment for the teacher. The teachers are paid entirely out of the students' generosity. Please consider giving a donation to the teacher in order to support their ability to continue to share the dharma. We encourage you to consider teacher dana equal to or greater than the amount you gave for registration. You may give a donation at the time of registration and give later donations through our teacher dana link. Everyone is welcome to all of our events regardless of ability to donate.

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