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In honor of Mike, Shane will take as many Blue Highways as possible. Blue Highways are known as the more scenic route, not Interstates.

After making his way to the Golden State, California, he will ride Hwy 1 up and through San Francisco. Over to the great State of Montana and then back East, home to Wisconsin around the holiday weekend of the 4th of July. The total Trip will be approximately 6300 Miles.

Shane hopes to meet many people on his trip and share Mike’s Memory and the Mission of his trip. He hopes he inspires people to contribute and to understand the crippling effect that medical debt can have on individuals and families.



Please support this necessary and amazing Mission by donating today!

A penny a mile is only a $63.00 donation

.05 Cents per mile is a $315 Donation

.10 Cents per Mile is a $630 Donation

.25 Cents per mile is a $1575  Donation

Any Donation amount is greatly appreciated


Medical Debt Statistics

·        The US spends more per capita on health care than any other country.

·         In 2019 Wisconsin hospitals reported over 1.3 billion in bad debt.

·        A 2018 survey by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority that 22.7% American adults have unpaid medical bills

·        Medical debt is the #1 reason Americans would liquidate their 401K or other retirement savings

·        2/3 of all personal bankruptcies are tied to health care bills


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