Akron - July 24th-28th

Please read before registering!

Who is eligible? Middle schoolers leaving 5th through 8th grade who are residents of the City of Akron.

For questions about whether you qualify to attend camp, please email us at [email protected].

You may only register for one week of Camp What If: Akron.

After registration, you will be emailed a receipt with a link to a Medical Form. You must fill out this form for each camper you register. 

Your camper's spot is not reserved until the Medical Form is completed.

You have 10 days to complete the Medical Form and secure your camper's spot. (Then you'll get a fun welcome email from us!)

The medical form must be completed in the next ten days or you will forfeit your spot to register. :( 

We want you to come to camp!

If you need any assistance with the medical form, or any reason why the form cannot be completed within 10 days, email Kayla at [email protected].

Camp What If: Akron is sponsored by the City of Akron in partnership with Akron Public Schools and Summit Education Initiative—cue the applause!


On the next page you will complete YOUR information as the parent/caregiver. Then you will be prompted to fill out information about your camper(s).

Max Quantity:2