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Do you have the heart to serve others?

Join us February 19 - March 4, 2018, we as we travel to Uganda, Africa to build The Eden Project. We have been supporting 40 vulnerable and orphaned children living in God's Care Community Ministries Orphanage since 2007. We are so excited to push this project towards self-sustainability. With the help of our sponsors, donors, and volunteers, we can accomplish this together!

Arriving in Entebbe, you'll travel via ground transportation approximately 4 hours to Jinja, through the capital city of Kampala. We'll stop along the way for lunch. Once we arrive in Jinja, you'll be taken to your hotel room to unpack and relax. The afternoon will be open for you to relax and get to know the other teammates and the night will conclude with a team meeting to discuss the program ahead.

Breakfast is included each day with your hotel accommodations. Each room is equipped with two single beds with mosquito nets, a dresser and nightstand, and complete bathroom including a shower, toilet, and sink. The rooms are priced per double occupancy, although you're more than welcome to reserve your own room; just note so on the registration page. If you have a roommate you'd like to share a room with, also note that on the registration form.

During the first week, we'll explore Jinja and the surrounding area. Our primary goal will be to help establish the ability for the community who cares for the children in the orphanage to become self-sustainable through a number of means. During this trip, the opportunity to build, teach, and aid medical care will be plentiful to all who desire to participate. 

You will also have the opportunity to do some sightseeing! We will be staying at the Nile River and we will visit the Source of the Nile and travel down the Nile River on a boat! There's a small store that you can visit and purchase hand made gifts for your loved ones.

Dr. Florence is a native OB/GYN who we have worked closely with over the past 10 years. We will travel with her to render medical aid to villagers who may never have never received a medical exam before. The lines will be long and people will walk from miles away when they hear we are in town. Some people will come just to see white people! It is in these communities where we will set up herbal medicine clinics and treat the people who come for medical aid. Some people will require prescription medicine and advanced medical treatment, so they will see Dr. Florence and may also get referred out to a medical facility for additional care.

One day will be spent working with Sole Hope, a non-profit organization based out of North Carolina, which provides shoes for people suffering from parasitic foot infections.

The requirements to participate are as follows:


Total cost = $3500 or $2500 if you provide your own airfare (miles, purchase on your own, etc.).  If you are participating in the Mt. Kilimanjaro climb prior to this trip, all monies raised in excess of the required Mt. Kilimanjaro trip cost, will be applied to this event.

Included in the cost:

  • Roundtrip Airfare, taxes and fees
  • Hotel located on the Nile River.  Expenses are based on 2 or 3 person occupancy.  Each bedroom has 1-3 beds per room and a bathroom with running water, showers, sink, nightstand, and mosquito net for each bed.  We will pair women together and men together. However, you may elect NOT to have a roommate.  If you choose to have a single room, you will be responsible for any additional cost.
  • All transportation within Uganda
  • Breakfast for 13 days
  • Swimming pool
  • Sauna
  • Supplies donated to the orphanage, including the herbs and essential oils we will be taking with us and the products required to be purchased in Uganda in order to make the medicines on the ground (glassware, alcohol for tinctures, etc.).
Items that will be the responsibility of each traveler
  • Passport fees (if you don't already have a passport, please apply as soon as possible. Can take up to 6 months to process).
  • Your PASSPORT MUST NOT EXPIRE WITHIN 6 MONTHS OF TRAVEL!  Please check your passport date.  You will be denied a visa if your passport expires before SEPTEMBER 4, 2018.
  • Visa (YOUR RESPONSIBILITY) - Please click here for more Information on Uganda from the Department of State and to request your visa.
  • Money for shopping
  • Day activity of visiting the Source of the Nile River and a boat ride on the river.  This is a really fun experience that allows you to see wildlife and visit a small little boat house that floats just at the Source of the Nile.  You'll be able to step outside your boat onto rocks that have been placed directly atop the Source, and pose for pictures!  It's a great experience and costs around $30.


We will be taking herbs, essential oils, mosquito nets, clothing, toys, sporting goods, shoes, games, cell phones (iPhones only please), and medical supplies (trauma dressings, AED, bandages, etc.) with us!  If you would like to make a donation, please call 888-oil-herb or email us at for more info.  Please note, all donations are TAX-DEDUCTIBLE and we will be using each person's maximum luggage allowance to pack additional supplies to decrease cost. 

In recent years, the most amazing donations were:
  • Medical supplies (IV tourniquets, bandages, sterile gauze, sutures, baby formula (no liquid), ACE bandages, trauma shears, etc.)
  • Mosquito nets - best to purchase nets that will be able to be used over a bed (queen size)
  • Games and Sporting Toys - the basketballs were a huge hit in 2016!  The kids played for hours.  Card games, crayons and markers, and coloring books were appreciated
  • Shoes will be purchased for the kids while we are there visiting.  The cost for this will be $200 for each child to receive a pair of shoes that will allow them to go to school.  It is a gift that we provided to the kids in 2016 and they were exceedingly grateful!
  • iPhones are necessary as they are the easiest way for the staff to communicate with us in the US.  Cybercrime is on the rise and without the ability to access the internet from a smartphone, the staff has to currently go to an Internet Café to communicate with us.  Because the electricity goes out frequently, the computers are frozen then on the person's information who was last using the computer.  When the power goes back on, any person can then access the previous person's account.  To prevent this, iPhones are needed (current need of 6) to best communicate and allow pictures to be taken and sent

ALL FEES ARE TO BE PAID IN FULL BY DECEMBER 31, 2017 - unless other arrangements have been made.

FUNDRAISING OPPORTUNITY!! Most people who attend mission trips receive 80-100% of their funds through donation.  Many organizations exist for the sole purpose of helping to raise money for mission trips.  Wellness Warrior Foundation is committed to helping to keep the cost of serving others as low as possible and we can help you with ideas to raise money.  Churches, community groups, family, and friends are wonderful places to start.  It is advisable to write a letter describing the work you will be doing in Uganda and mailing or emailing it to family and friends and to present at your church or group organization.  Some companies match donations that their employees raise for events like this, or some employers may make a contribution.

**If you are receiving a donation to help support your trip, please send checks to
PO BOX 1115

Donations are also able to be made online and the donor will recieve immediate confirmation of their tax-deductible donation.

Please indicate your name and "Uganda 2018" with any checks so funds can be appropriately applied.


  • Age 18+ if not traveling with a parent (open to children whose parent(s) travel with us).  Any children traveling with us must also have a passport, Visa, and the vaccines of Yellow Fever and Polio (unless a waiver is obtained by the Ugandan Embassy). 
  • Passport valid for 6 months after travel dates (must be valid until August, 2018).  If your passport expires before August, 2018, your visa will be REJECTED.
  • Visa is required to enter Uganda.  Visas will need to be sent to the Uganda Embassy in Washington, D.C. by November 30, 2017.  No fee will be refunded if you fail to obtain your visa before travel dates and are unable to travel.
  • Yellow Fever vaccine (there was a shortage of this vaccine in 2015/2016, we were able to express the shortage to the Embassy and had no problem securing our visas) - if you do not vaccinate, I would encourage you to contact the Ugandan Embassy to seek a waiver.  In the past, we have expressed that vaccines are against a religion or there was a shortage and notes were taken by the Ugandan Embassy (located in the USA) so that when the passport arrived, they approved it without seeing the Yellow Fever card.
  • Polio vaccine is required for any child under the age of 5 traveling to Uganda.
  • Although Wellness Warrior staff uses herbal medicines to combat any signs of malaria, it should be noted that malaria is a mosquito-carrying disease that is found in this area of the world. It is advisable that you seek anti-malaria medication from your physician and carry it with you on this trip. There is one medication that is available to be taken two weeks prior to arrival in Uganda, 48 hours before you arrive and once while you are in Uganda. This would be an acceptable option. If you do not have a physician, please contact us or visit a local International Travel Clinic for more information.
  • Many of the areas we will visit will require us to drive for many hours in an off-road style vehicle on bumpy and poorly maintained roads. You should be able to sit for long periods of time without problems.
  • Be flexible. There's a saying "Uganda Time" which literally means "I don't wear a watch". Americans tend to be prompt and on time for meetings. Ugandans develop relationships that are more meaningful than time. Flexibility is incredibly important as schedules tend to change frequently.


  • Be of sound mind and willing to serve others
  • The area that we will be traveling to is extremely poor and remote. It is expected that you are able to treat others with dignity and respect.  Many women in remote villages may not be wearing shirts, it is considered rude to stare or to appear embarrassed as these women serve their communities and many are considered elders.
  • We will be setting up 3-5 Medical Clinics in remote villages.  Help will be needed to make the medicines at the hotel and to prepare them for the villagers.  We will be working with a local physician and team who will translate for us.  Previous medical experience is not required.


  • Visit the Source of the Nile River: This amazing opportunity is available to us where you can ride a boat out to The Source and stand on rocks (in the middle of the River) right where the spring comes up from the ground. It's exciting! The cost for this is around $20-$30 and is not a required activity.
  • Attending Church: Uganda is an extremely church-friendly nation and church services occur nearly every day/night of the week. It is likely you may be invited to a church service. You have the option of not attending as this is not a required activity but you'll certainly glad you did!  Services are in English.
  • Shopping: Many opportunities will be available to spend time in the markets. Bartering will be done by our interpreters, so no worries! You won't have to do any hard work. The men and women we work with in Uganda are honest and fair and will know when someone is trying to get more out of you than what a product is worth. Don't worry though, our friends will take care of you!
  • Work with Sole Hope, a US-based organization who operates in Uganda.  This organization performs feet cleaning and jigger removal, then fits villagers for shoes that are handmade by the organization's workers.


We will be working and staying in Jinja, Uganda, about 3 hours from the country's capital city of Kampala, and the location of the US Embassy and 4 hours from Entebbe, the location of the airport.

Assistance for US Citizens
US Embassy Kampala
Plot 1577 Ggaba Road
PO Box 7007
Kampala, Uganda
+(256)(0) 414-306-001
+(256)(0) 312-306-001
Email:  KampalaUSCitizen@state.go

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