Glow Gala

Join us for our opening night gala, an immersive celebration of light and community. We  invite you to explore our relationship with light and energy in ways you might never have imagined. 

You will be invited to explore, participate, interact, and contribute. We plan to entertain, educate and surprise you. This event will be so much more than a traditional gala. 

Here’s a  glimpse of what to expect: 

6:30pm - Doors open for appetizers and  specialty craft cocktails from Pearl Social.

7:00pm - Exhibits open. Tour interactive art stations hosted by the artists.

7:30pm - More food. Unite to Light program. Learn how you can light the world.

8:00-9:30pm - Dessert bar. Guests are invited to resume their journey through the exhibits and artist stations. 

This event aims to raise awareness and funding for Unite To Light's mission to bring light and power to people living without electricity in our community and across the globe, while also giving local artists the opportunity to experiment with light and explore our relationship with light and energy.

DRESS CODE: Creative Black Tie. Dress to impress with a creative flair. Feel free to personalize your look and include fun or unique accessories that light, sparkle or dazzle.



Max Quantity:30

Dazzle Host for 4

4 tickets to the Glow Gala 

VIP Lounge Seating

Max Quantity:30

Illuminating Host for 10

10 tickets to the Glow Gala 

VIP Lounge Seating

Dedicated beverage service 

Max Quantity:30