Team Registration


Registration will begin at 9AM (on 10/15/23) at 139 54th Street North. Make sure all team members arrive and register before 9:45AM. If your team is not present at the time of kick off then the game will be forfeited. Each team will be sorted into "Group A" or "Group B" (two groups of eight teams, making sixteen teams total); you will be sorted into each group based on the order of registration. (First register, first sorted) Make sure to come up with a creative team name to share at registration! 

*All game times are approximate. All team members must be present to play or the game is forfeited.


To increase efficiency during registration, please have all team members follow this link and electronically sign the waiver form. (We will also have this form available during registration day of.) 

Please make sure to wear appropriate footwear and take care of yourself. We don't want any bruised toes or turned ankles! However, we do encourage teams to dress creatively! 

Team Ticket

Max Quantity:5
Ending 10-01-2023 @ 12 am EST
Download: Kickball Tournament Rules

Kickball Tournament Rules for you to download and review.