Misa a Buenos Aires with QuinTango

Come hear a captivating fusion of musical genres as the Arlington Chorale joins forces with local professional tango ensemble QuinTango! Together, these internationally renowned artists and the Chorale will present Martin Palmeri's mesmerizing masterpiece, Misa á Buenos Aires (Misatango). This unique composition combines the power of a classical mass with the rhythmic intensity and sensuality of tango, resulting in an exhilarating musical experience. With lush harmonies, intricate melodies, and pulsating rhythms, Misatango weaves together the sacred and the passionate, captivating audiences with its unique blend of genres.

QuinTango artists Joan Singer and Emmanuel Trifilio will work with students from Performers With Purpose and Edu-Futuro, an organization that serves Latino immigrant families. On this concert, we are proud to present a song they will compose together, as well as pieces from QuinTango’s own repertoire. Let us transport you to the world of Argentine tango, where the boundaries between classical and popular music blur, an exhilarating journey where spirit and passion reign supreme!

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Max Per Order:30
Ending 05-20-2024 @ 12 am EST

Child Ticket

Only valid for children aged 17 and under.

Max Per Order:30
Ending 06-02-2024 @ 6 pm EST