Watercolor June 11 & 18, 2023

Watercolor with Ann Kelly

2 week class: June 11 &18, 2023

Explore the versatile and yet challenging medium of watercolor in a stress free environment. Instruction will be given to help you improve your skills no matter your level.

Class Materials & Supply List

1. Come with a full color picture of what you would like to paint

2. Watercolor paper pad - I use Arches paper in a block 140lb.

3. Watercolor brushes - they have short handles - 1" flat wash brush, round brushes size 2,4.6

4. A small round brush for details

5. Plastic mixing tray

6. Water basin or tub

7. Watercolor paint either a pan style of assorted colors or individual tubes

    Cadmium yellow

    Cadmium orange

    Cadmium red

    Viridian green

    Hooker's green

    Ultramarine blue

    Cerulean blue

    Winsor Violet (Dioxazine)

    Burnt sienna

8. Pencil / eraser

9. Pad of tracing paper

10.Hair dryer

11. Roll of Viva paper towels

12. A bar of soap to wash out your brushes

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Max Quantity:30
Ending 12-31-2023 @ 12 am EST


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Max Quantity:30
Ending 12-31-2023 @ 12 am EST
Download: Class Material & Supply List

Class Material & Supply List