Oil and Acrylic July 2023

Oil & Acrylic Paint What You Like with Ann Kelly

What secrets do the old masters hold? In fact they have encountered every painter problem you have and resolved it brilliantly. We just have to analyze their paintings.  We will spend 15 minutes of every class considering paintings from different masters.  You are free to make a copy of an old master painting or choose your own.

All skill levels are welcome in this class.

Class Materials & Supply List

Old Masters Supply List

If you want to choose your own painting come with reference material such as a photo or magazine picture.

A Primed Canvas or Primed Panel (Most of the Old Masters Painted on Panels)

Oil Brushes (Long Handles) Sizes 2,4, and 6

A Small Detail Brush

Paper Palette

Odorless Turpenoid and an empty jar with lid

Oil Paint such as Winsor & Newton

  1. Titanium White

  2. Cadmium Yellow

  3. Cadmium Orange

  4. Cadmium Red

  5. Viridian Green

  6. Sap Green

  7. Ultramarine Blue

  8. Cerulean Blue

  9. Burnt Sienna

  10. Dioxazine Violet

  11. Ivory Black

Stand Linseed Oil

Pencil and Eraser

Surgical Gloves

Roll of Viva Paper Towels

A Bar of Soap to wash out brushes

* For acrylic painters the above list except turpenoid and linseed oil and use a water basin, acrylic medium and acrylic brushes instead.


10 Available
Max Quantity:10
Ending 12-31-2023 @ 12 am EST

Non Member

10 Available
Max Quantity:10
Ending 12-31-2023 @ 12 am EST
Download: Supply List - Principles of Old Masters

Supply List - Principles of Old Masters