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Unlock the Magic of Cinema: Secure Your Tickets for the Triborough Film Festival! 

Embark on a cinematic adventure like never before!  Join us at the Triborough Film Festival, where storytelling takes center stage, and the silver screen comes to life. 

**Festival Dates: Saturdays Jan. 27th - Feb. 10th. **

**Venues: Greek Federation Building and Astoria**

What Awaits You:

Immerse yourself in the art of film with our diverse lineup of 30+ captivating movies spanning genres from around the world. Each screening promises an unforgettable experience, from gripping narratives to eye-opening documentaries.

 Highlights Include:

- Exclusive Screenings: Be among the first to witness remarkable films that might just be the next big sensation.

- Live Q&A Sessions: Engage with filmmakers, gaining insights into their creative process.

- Astor Award Ceremony: Celebrate cinematic excellence and be part of the glamour at this prestigious event on February 10th, 2024 at the Greek Federation Building in Astoria, 44-01 Broadway.

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Group A

Group A

11:00 AM

The Book of Days

Lunch with Leslie

A Story without an Ending

74 minutes

Q & A with Filmmakers

~ Alvaro Franco

~ Matt Guernier 

49 Available
Max Per Order:30

Group B

Group B

12:30 PM

While Mortals Sleep

Not the Same Clarence 

Army Men

60 minutes

Q & A with Filmmakers

Natalia Paruz

Paul Louis

Sam Russell

63 Available
Max Per Order:30

Group C

Group C

2:00 PM

Picnic Panic 

The Kong Show on TV

Be Nice to Fish

Low Risk Spectre

Events at Hemlock Manor

The Rushing of the Sea

Star Crossed 

92 minutes

Q & A with Filmmakers

~ Sam Russell

~ Dani Martineck

~ Ashley Weismantel 

32 Available
Max Per Order:30

Group D

Group D

4:00 PM

Test Run

I'm Not Nice

Snail Mail


I'm Not Lost


The Expected Guest

98 minutes

Q & A with Filmmakers

~ Janelle Tedesco

~ Nicholas Ferracamo

~ Artie Vincent

~ Brandon Scott Hughes

~ Jay Stern

~ Phil Russell 

26 Available
Max Per Order:26

Group E

Group E

6:00 PM

Two Wrongs


As the Cookie Crumbles 


Trail of the Sphinx

When You Are Ready


98 minutes

Q & A with Filmmakers

~ Xavier Griffiths.

~ Janelle Tedesco

~ Dmitry Gubin

~ Paul Jan

~ Salwa Khan

~ Jason Spagnuoli 

~ Amy Northup

~ Danielle Villavicencio 

  All Reserved

Group F

Group F

8:00 PM

Love Letters for the Subway


Lobe Yourself

Black Panther: Legacy

Perpetual Anamnesis

Mars 001

Bay for Blood

114 minutes

Q & A with Filmmakers

Harry Waldman

Mary Hawkins

Joseph Villapaz

31 Available
Max Per Order:30