Minds & Motor Club

Join our popular MINDS & MOTOR Group hosted by Eric Lund!

Bring your best attitude because we are going to be exploring all the things you CAN-Do by connecting your intention to your body! We will explore the following:

  1. What is Apraxia and how does it affect motor planning?
  2. What does effective Body Support consist of and Why is it important?
  3. What are effective strategies for Multi-Modal Communication Support for students?
  4. Why do students respond to Relationship-based Approaches to Support? How can CRPs learn to trust their intuition more than their eyes?
  5. What do students need to enjoy regulated Community ACCESS and How can CRPs support this?
  6. How can apraxic students best ACCESS and Respond to Academic Instruction?

All of that learning and you"ll still have time to chat and get to know folks who also spell/type to communicate!

Each group is 60 minutes, starting at 3:00 PM Central Standard Time on Tuesdays for 6 weeks.

November 14

November 21

November 28

December 5

December 12

December 19

Eric Lund, MT-BC, is a highly experienced support coach at ACCESS Academy and the Director of Student Engagement for Optimal ACCESS.  His training and experience as a neurologic music therapist enable him to bring helpful strategies grounded in rhythm for proprioception, sensory integration, communication, movement, and regulation. He is a skilled instructor and effective mentor. Join this group to learn why Eric's Minds & Motor groups are so popular!

Minds & Motor Group

This registration is for one participant and the communication/regulation partner, or anyone else assisting with the participation. 

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Minds & Motor Group (ACCESS Student)

This registration is for enrolled ACCESS Academy / A2A students ONLY. This registration is for one participant and the communication/regulation partner, or person assisting the student with group participation.

Further discounts on community social groups will be available starting next semester for students who are in good standing by staying on pace in their academics and attending 90% of scheduled coaching sessions during the previous semester. 

5 Reserved
Max Per Order:1