Annual Sponsorship

This Sponsorship option  has category exclusivity .
Verdun-provided sign displayed along the driveway for everyone to see. Your sponsorship sign will stay up for the year round reaching more than 20,000 people! 
Verdun-provided banner displayed on sponsor fence next to parking lot all year
Large Logo with link to YOUR website displayed on our website home page all year, with 18,079 visitors to our site. 
Social media recognition throughout the year; concentrated two weeks prior to each event
Vendor table option at all events open to vendors 
Rack card recognition throughout the year

Also Included


Logo printed on all camp t-shirts. 350+ summer campers!


Logo published on all print and electronic camp advertising

Banner displayed at camper pick-up/drop-off

Logo displayed on Verdun home page and Camp event page 

Shout out on Verdun social media during camp season 

LIVE MUSIC EVENTS ($2,000 Value)

Summer Concert Series (Jun 15, Jul 20, Aug 17, Sep 21)

Banner displayed to the side of the main stage

Shout out on all event social media posts and online event marketing 

20 tickets to the concerts ($200 Value) 

Vendor space for each concert 

DEAD OF WINTER 5K, DEAD OF SUMMER 6K, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE 5k Large print logo on race T-shirt 
Promotional items provided by you to place in race bags 
Banner displayed at Start/Finish Line
Prominent logo placement on all promotions, media releases, advertising and page Promotional recognition on Website and Facebook 
Company sign posted at race site along with public recognition during race remarks 
6 Race Entries to Run For Your Life
Logo on all electronic and print advertising 
Logo on Event page and Verdun website 
Shout out on Verdun social media 
Banner displayed at the entrance and exit of the event 
Vendor space included for both days