How to Write an Effective Business Plan

A good business plan is the key element for launching or growing a business enterprise. But the business plan is not a "once and done" document to be put on the shelf. Successful businesses know how to use the business plan to run their enterprises. This presentation focuses on what business plan is and what it is not. The attendee will learn why the business plan is so important and how it is used to make a variety of business decisions. The presentation concludes with a discussion of the various components of the business plan and their place in the document. 

Presenter: Bob Wingerter

Bob counsels clients for SCORE, is a member of the presentation team for the Business Planning Workshops in Exton, and facilitates a Business Roundtable. Prior to his work with SCORE Bob was a senior consultant with Telcordia Technologies working both in the USA and internationally. He has extensive expertise in new business and new product development, project management, economic and operations analysis, and quality management. Bob is a graduate of Gannon University with a BS in Electrical Engineering and of the University of Illinois

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Monday 10/15/2018

6:30PM EST


8:30PM EST

Middletown Free Library
21 N. Pennell Rd.
Lima, PA 19037

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