Gallinago Go Gos - With Lisa Myers

Join Birding Expert Lisa Myers for the Gallinago Go Gos’ 14th year in the Fall Challenge! No matter if you are
an experienced birder, or if this is your first bird-a-thon, the Go Gos
welcome all birding levels. The goal is to get out and have a great time while
learning about the birds that can be found throughout Santa Clara County in the
fall. Lisa owns her own touring company called Let’s Go Birding, Inc., and
leads tours throughout California and Central America. She also teaches birding
classes and provides a fun, easy-going environment to learn, ask questions, and
increase skill levels. Lisa also owns the Los Gatos Birdwatcher, a strong
business supporter of SFBBO. Adults and children 12 years and older.

How to Fundraise During Your Trip: You can help raise money for SFBBO while enjoying your CFC event. Consider creating a fundraiser on your Facebook page and asking people to donate a certain amount to SFBBO for each bird species you see during your CFC trip (like asking people to donate per mile you walk for cancer research). We can also create a page for you on our website where you can share about your upcoming walk and ask people support SFBBO in honor of you.   

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Saturday 09/22/2018

8:00AM PST


12:00PM PST

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  •   $50.00
    12 Available
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