Afternoon Panel Free Registration

In the afternoon we will host a panel discussion from 4 to 6 about the health and social welfare needs of immigrant youth and the unmet needs on the adults with children priority dockets. We will give you more details about this panel soon.

Although registration is free, Safe Passage Project is in need of support. Please consider making a donation in order to ensure we can continue to provide valuable programs.

Max Per Order:10

OPTIONAL Attend the event and make a donation

Thank you for donating to Safe Passage Project - your support ensures we can continue to assist children facing deportation alone. A donation of $25 allows us to pay the train fare for several youth to visit their attorneys.

Max Per Order:10

Evening Panel Free Registration

From 6:30 to 8:30 our panelists will include Assistant Chief Immigration Judge Robert Weisel (invited); Immigration Judges Patricia A. Rohan (invited) and Mary Cheng (invited). The panel will also include USCIS District Director Phyllis Coven (invited) and Safe Passage Project staff.

Max Per Order:30