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Taoist Walking Retreat

This retreat will present both foundation gong methods and walking methods.
effortless gait of Taoist walking is both graceful and efficient.  It
stills the mind, nourishes the body and cultivates vitality.
There are many methods of Taoist walking, Xing Qiao. They all are dependent on the foundation of internal practice.
Qiao walking is a method of carrying practice into other activities and
is one of the four activities of cultivation; walking, standing,
sitting, and lying down

Friday 09/20/2019


Sunday 09/22/2019

09:00 AM PDT

The Sanctuary
3317 183rd Ave SE
Snohomish Wa 98290









Download: Items you will need

These are the items you will need during your stay at the Retreat Center. Those traveling by air will have bedding provided for your convenience.

Download: Directions

Travel from our School in Seattle to the Sanctuary Retreat Center in Snohomish.

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