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-Know Before the Show - 6:30 pm

-Performance - 7:30 pm


-Know Before the Show - 3:00 pm

-Performance - 4:00 pm

Nashville in Harmony and Intersection (in Partnership with OZ Arts Nashville) is excited to present Spectrum!  This collaborative choral and instrumental concert will feature the world premiere of a commissioned work by TJ Cole, titled "Those Moments."  The work was inspired by personal stories shared by the local LGBTQ+ community and explores the gender spectrum.  

Know Before the Show: Nashville in Harmony and Intersection patrons are invited to enhance their experience by hearing the composer and the lyricist discuss the creation of this groundbreaking work. TJ Cole and Aiv Rubino will be speaking before both performances about the genesis of "Those Moments," and how new understandings about gender identity inspired and informed the writing. Learn how the personal stories of Nashville in Harmony singers shifted the direction of this project and became the foundation of the composition. Listen to the composer talk about the innovative musical techniques that you'll hear in the performance and why they were used. Artistic Directors Kelly Corcoran and Don Schlosser will also discuss other musical pieces on the program. Your encounter with this cutting-edge premiere will be enriched, if you know before the show.

Saturday 05/18/2019


Sunday 05/19/2019

Oz Arts Nashville
6172 Cockrill Bend Cir
Nashville TN 37209



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