The Felix Awards

About This Ticket

Extreme Kids & Crew is the premier drop-in play space for New York City children with disabilities and their families. Our spring fundraising campaign culminates in The Felix Awards, our annual spring gala and it has been held since 2014. The Felix Awards was created in order to honor artists, writers, dancers, actors and other individuals in the arts who have helped move the general public's perception of disability away from fear, loathing, or mindless admiration, and towards a more nuanced grasp of the multiplicity of being and the diversity of experience.

The spring fundraiser raises a significant portion of our annual budget, and the more than $20,000 is raised at The Felix Awards. This allows us to continue to provide most of our programs for free, and when that's not possible, on a sliding scale.

Wednesday 05/15/2019

07:00 PM EST


10:00 PM EST

501 Union
501 Union Street
Brooklyn NY 11231















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