For Parents + New Babes 0 - 5 mos.

You won't want to be without this anchor during the whirlwind of early parenting as you add one more to your family. Meet other new parents, learn new skills, and get your bearings. 

Topics: Each class addresses the unique needs of the participants and usually range from the practical - such as sleep strategies, feeding solutions, baby and parent development, infant massage, baby signs, making baby food - to the more thoughtful - like understanding your birth and early parenting experience, observing how your relationships with friends and family have changed, and building a filter for all of the information and advice that comes your way as a parent.

Class Flow: Classes consist of a check-in for each participants with questions of the day followed by resource sharing and skill building related to the topic of the day.

$70 for One Parent + Baby. This is a six (6) hour class series held over four weeks. We encourage you to plan to stay for an additional half hour after class, if you are able, for tea and conversation. We offer a $10 Partner Registration fee per class session for partners when class size can accommodate. We encourage you to email us at  as soon as you register to let us know your partner wants to attend. This is the best way to ensure space in the class for them.

Please ask us about our Class Cancellation Policy (soon to be updated on our new website). Scholarships are available.

Note: Prenatal registrations are encouraged. Register based upon your estimated due date and we'll work with you to find the best fit class when your babe arrives.

Classes are online through at least May 2021.  Decisions about in-person or online will be made on a month by month basis after that.

All class times listed are in EASTERN TIME.



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