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Check-in starts at 8 AM
Clinic: 9AM – 4PM
Obstacle Practice:

Location: Lynch Arena
3402 W Lake Bardwell Drive
Ennis, TX 75119

Register by June 1st
$130 per rider
After June 1st
$150 per rider
Clinic limited to 15 riders
$20 per auditor (unlimited number of auditors)
Clinic Participants MUST Register by June 7th at

Obstacle practice open to public: $20 per horse.
No Charge for any horse ridden in clinic. Any additional horses being ridden by a clinic participant in open practice, $10. No registration necessary for open arena time

Saturday 06/08/2019

08:00 AM CDT

Lynch Arena
3402 W Lake Bardwell Drive
Ennis TX 75119



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