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We are donating a run to support GIRLS EDUCATION in Kenya! Join us for Year 6 of the GLOBAL RUN on Saturday, September 28th, 2019!  

Join Team Marathon Tours, great partners and friends to the Amazing Maasai Girls Project, for a casual, inclusive run or walk at the Berlin Marathon Fun Run - or wherever you happen to be on Saturday, September 28th!

The GLOBAL RUN supports Girls Education at the secondary level for the Maasai Tribes in Northern Kenya, where families live in tribal villages of mud and stick huts.  They are shepherds for goats and cows, cook on campfires, and carry water from remote well sites.  There are no paved roads or sewers or plumbing. 

All children attend school in their community areas through the 8th grade.  Secondary education (years 9th - 12th grades) is only available to boys; so girls stay at home and cook and clean, and become mothers at 14-15 years old.  High School education for girls is only available through privately funded Secondary Schools, supported with YOUR DONATIONS!  It only costs $500 per girl per year to provide tuition, school supplies, uniforms, housing and food.

In 2018, more than $45,000 was raised for the Amazing Maasai Girls Project, and 10 fresh-faced young ladies entered High School (secondary school) as a result of the donation of dollars and runs. Since the first Global Run, we have helped nearly 100 Maasai Girls achieve their dream of going to High School!  Let's make 2019 just as EPIC! All costs have been underwritten, so your donations go DIRECTLY to Girls Education!

RUN DETAILS: 5k Fun Run. No timing chips. Its just for the Maasai Girls!

RACE TIME: 8:00 am start, Saturday, Sep 28th, 2019


IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER:  You participate at your own risk and are entirely responsible for your health and safety. Neither the Amazing Maasai Girls Project nor any volunteers working to organize the event accept any liability.  

DON'T FORGET TO WEAR RED, or white and RED (favorite color of the Maasai Tribe).  It helps us all look powerfully uniform, since we'll be taking photos and videos for the official Mash-Up Video!  Thank you!

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