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African & Asian Diaspora Short Films Block 1

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Shorts Block 1
Jay is a tone poem about the unspoken effects of a deteriorating union between a boy’s mother and father and how it impacts his own journey in becoming a man. 3 min

With Love From Idlewild
Filmmaker Tinisha Brugnone travels through Idlewild – a historically African American vacation spot once considered the Black Eden of Michigan – with retired engineer and local hunter/forager Charles Paige.  17 min

Dance/Dance Revolution

an introduction to the vibrant diversity of contemporary dance in South Africa. Rooted in both tradition and the idioms of modern movement, this half-hour documentary introduces new audiences to work ranging from site-specific solos to multi-media physical theater. 27 min


A story of Korean descendants in Havana, Cuba who learn about, succeed values and identity from their grandparents and dream of Korea. 19 min

The Charles Effect

Charles Jones is a participant in an experiment to see if people living on the autistic spectrum (neuro-diverse) can use their special gifts to offer alternative solutions to challenges in the medical field. 10 min


Despite having the cradle of humanity on the African continent, yet it remains behind most of the world in coexisting with LGBTQ families and ending violence against human rights. 11 min

Q&A with filmmakers post-screening

Kingsly Lims Nyarko Director of "Homophobia"

Director Statement: I have had to watch people/Africans physically and verbally abuse individuals of the LGBTQ community both in Ghana and abroad. Upon research and talking to few Africans about their thought on this issue, I came to the realization that, most are less informed and not sure how to interact with gender queers. 

With such data and motivation from personal experiences as an artist, 'Homophobia' was conceived. This short narrative seeks to primarily inspire young ones to coexist and leave behind such long held hatred against LGBTQ the community.

Theodore Adams III Director of "The Charles Effect"

Director Statment: The Charles Effect explores the possibility of finding solutions to some of the world’s most pressing issues by empowering individuals who have a non-traditional perspective with different abilities to have a voice.

As a society, we tend to lean toward that which is familiar because it is comfortable and convenient. With effort, compassion, and an open mind, we may discover that people with hidden skills may be holding some the secrets to many of life’s greatest challenges if we give them an opportunity to offer leadership and guidance. 

Saturday 08/31/2019

01:00 PM EST

millergardette gallery
708 E McMillan
Cincinnati Ohio 45206



    Ending 08-30-2019 @ 11 pm EST