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Dramatic Shorts Block

Welcome to the Ball

A child learns sign language in hopes of making a new friend.

Double Dads and One Queer Teen: My Rainbow Family

“Double Dads and One Queer Teen” is a short documentary about a multicultural and gender nonconforming family. Met through a newspaper personal ad in 1995, the two dads, one from Taiwan and the other one from suburban Chicago, formed a life partnership and had a baby through surrogacy with the help from a sister in 2003. The child, now a teenager, considers themselves pansexual. The film brings together different perspectives from all parties involved. It is a heart-warming and brave story that is inspirational for all families.

In a Moment

Max isn't sure about his sexual orientation until he meets Leon at his new school. When Max is singing a song at a school concert something beautiful happens.


A young gay man struggles with the bittersweet memories of his childhood after facing rejection from his father when coming out.

Time and Again 

Eleanor and Isabelle meet again, sixty years after their relationship break up.


Hamadryad:(from greek mythology) a nymph who lives in a tree and dies when the tree dies.
Inspired by my coming-out story, Hamadryad is a meditation on growth, change, transforation, and rebirth.

Saturday 10/05/2019

01:30 PM CST

Fort Worth Botanic Garden
3220 Botanic Garden Blvd
Fort Worth TX 76107

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