Course Information (The Fine Print)

This is a self-paced and ungraded course (except the grade you give yourself by investing in gaining knowledge). We recommend you budget about an hour per day over a two-week period to complete the course. Some college experience is preferable but not necessary. You are encouraged to engage in the learning activities according to your availability.

Registration is currently open. The price of the course is $69.00. JCSTS does not grant refunds for its mini-courses. Please make sure you invest the time and motivation to complete the course. For your own benefit, please do not circumvent or short-change any of the learning activities. The course includes readings, videos, and activities carefully sequenced to inform, inspire, and equip you.

The videos and readings in this program are in the public domain and are provided at no additional cost to you. In some cases, you may come across related links that capture your attention. We encourage you to explore these materials and to share beneficial information and resources with others using JCSTS platforms. For those who are interested, a closed Christian Civic Engagement Facebook Group has been established. Use the FB Group to discuss your insights, connect with others, and share helpful resources.

All JCSTS' programs are based on an honor system. Individuals are expected to exhibit integrity, character, respectfulness, and cooperation as they work through the various learning activities. Offensive behavior, misuse of technology, or other egregious activity will not be tolerated and may result in expulsion from the course.

This mission of Johnson C. Smith Theological Seminary is to advance communities of faith, justice, and compassion through innovation in theological education. We're excited you've decided to join the JCSTS community! Learn well, serve well, and tell your friends!

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