What is Insight? Opening the Heart and Mind

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Half-day retreat
What is Insight? Opening the Heart and Mind to Experience Freedom

Tara Mulay
Saturday, February 22; 9:00am-12:00pm

Suggested contribution: $15-30 registration + teacher donation

Insight into the truth of the way things are arises through a natural unfolding when we practice mindfulness rooted in self-compassion. But we often do not talk specifically about the types of insights that can occur and how they can be experienced in our practice. In fact, our minds offer a much greater capacity to open to insight and freedom than we typically realize. In this morning retreat, we will practice mindfulness together, and students will get a sense of the range of insights that can empower our hearts and minds. The retreat will point to the ways in which classical insights can uproot modern, dominant cultural views that limit our potential.

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Saturday 02/22/2020

09:00 AM EST


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