Body-fullness: Practicing Radical Embodiment

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Full-day workshop
Body-fullness: Practicing Radical Embodiment
Marlon Barrios Solano
Saturday, March 7; 9:30am-4:30pm

Suggested contribution: $25-50 registration + teacher donation

Body-fulness is a quality of spacious presence, loving awareness and a “felt sense” of integration, connection and full embodiment. This daylong workshop offers an opportunity for practicing awareness as always embodied, relational and contextually embedded. Radical Embodiment practices include the experiential vibrancy and complexity our body’s materiality, sensations, motion, perception, affect, rhythms, relational dynamics and cultural contexts. Using guided meditations, gentle movement and touch, short discussions, and playful games, we will explore and inquire the spacious, peaceful and joyful complexity of embodied awareness. This workshop is open to all levels of meditation practice and types of contemplative inquiry. It includes gentle movement and touch, and is facilitated with sensitivity to trauma. Inquiries Limited space: 15

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Saturday 03/07/2020

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