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Half-day workshop/retreat
Money & Mindfulness
Peggy Gillespie, assisted by Christian McEwen
Date TBD
Suggested contribution: $15-30 registration + teacher donation

"If money talks, it is with our voice." Lynne Twist

Traditional Buddhism says we should give “courteously, happily, quickly and without regret.”  But this is not always so easy. Money remains one of the trickiest of subjects to address, even among long-time practitioners. Join us as we explore our personal Money stories through reading, writing, and discussion combined with guided meditation. Our primary focus will be on generosity, but we expect to include more shadowy emotions too (fear, anxiety, envy, etc.), while remembering that true wealth comes in many forms, not least our own capacity for happiness.

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Saturday 03/28/2020

09:30 AM EST


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