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Servant Leadership Retreat - TX

Cultivating Vision & Change and Inspiring Generosity & Stewards offer key principles and tools to clergy and laity, so that, in working together, the local church body may be more equipped to thrive in the community it serves.  You should attend the full-day retreat if you are interested in serving the ministry of your parish.  Each session offers engaging material to prepare for the intensive workshop.  Small groups formed at the regional conferences are invited to engage the post-module exercises, supported by program facilitators, to implement the concepts, behaviors, and practices for a healthier local church body.  Whether you actively serve in a leadership role, or you are an emerging leader, please register to come!

Your registration includes lunch.  Please register by March 1. 

Saturday 03/07/2020

08:30 AM CST


05:00 PM CST

St. George Orthodox Christian Church
5311 Mercer St.
Houston TX 77005







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