Private Tour

Required Reading 

You must purchase the private tour not just additional attendees.  

You will be charged a fee if you don't read this and request a refund.

If you only want to pay per person we have group tours on the weekend. 

Private Tour around the GCC led by a staff member.  

All tours require a reservation.  We recommend a 10 am tour.

If your group is more than 6 people you will need to pay $18 pp.  

Groups cannot exceed 30 people & must remain with tour guide. 

Gibbons are susceptible to human diseases to help us ensure their safety.

All visitors must be in good health and wear an approved mask covering both mouth and nose at all times.  Unfortunately we cannot accommodate children 3 and under at the moment.

In addition to washing your hands we require you to sanitize your shoes.

Please email or call if you want.a same day tour before purchase. 

If you are uncertain and need to ask a question please email [email protected] I can generally get back to you faster than a phone call. 

Private Tour

Private Tour covers up to 8 people

Max Quantity:1

Additional Attendees

This ticket is if you are adding people to a Private Tour only

140 Reserved
Max Quantity:20