Notice: Depending on the COVID-19 status in Philadelphia, masks will be required and all CDC Guidelines will need to be followed including Physical (Social) Distancing. The PreO course on Saturday may have close proximation in solving station caution needs to be used with masks worn with deference to others in line of solving stations

All volunteers, staff and participants will have to sign a CRNA/Move United waiver prior to participating.

5/14/21 - Event Instruction at the Chapel of the 4 Chaplains, 1800-2000 PM

5/15/21 - PreO, 18 stations, 11 am start chapel

5/16/21 - TempO, 7 stations, 10 am start chapel

As the Chapel of the Four Chaplains is a kind host for the National Ranking event, Event will follow IOF rules plus the Four Chaplains mission in deference to its unwavering mission: "The Four Chaplains Memorial Foundation exists to further the cause of “unity without uniformity” by encouraging goodwill and cooperation among all people.

Questions and Complaints will follow IOF Trail O rules 27-29. The event OC will consider submissions in fullest, rendering final decision without further recourse. Both PreO and TempO courses are intentionally close in proximity to the chapel using two local parks supporting those with disabilities/special needs. Course layout adheres to selected park's layouts providing a unique Trail O experience.

CRNA thanks Trevor Smith from PIDC in the Navy Shipyard and Executive Director of the Chapel of the Four Chaplains, Bill Kaemmer for their support in making this truly unique Trail Orienteering possible. We thank you!

CRNA thanks the Chapel of the 4 Chaplains and event OC for making this historical event possible. Heartfelt Appreciation to all!

For additional information, contact

Russ Myer


Friday 05/14/2021


Sunday 05/16/2021

06:00 PM EST

CRNA/Chapel of the 4 Chaplains - Navy Shipyard-Bldg 649 Trail Orienteeering
1201 Constitution Ave
Philadelphi PA 19112